Workshops in Cyprus


Venue : CCMC, Buffer zone, Ledra Palace
Dates : 19 May 2014 till 30 September 2014
Conditions for participation : Consistency, Target, Opinion Seminar


Description : During the second decade of the 21st century, photography has no
longer any connection with what we all knew. While it has occupied an equal
position among the visual arts, it is no longer the reliable means of
recording and communication of the last century.

Television and digital technology contributed to that, so the quantity, the
technique and the plethora are in antithesis of the content and aesthetics.
The setting of a story as a feature story in order to be complete (beginning,
middle, end) requires the eye of the creator.

In a period that almost everything has been said and perhaps by repetition
demolished, our goal is that the photographer captures the truth as clearly
and simply as possible and keeps himself away from simplification, meaningless
tricks , frivolous takes and shallow approaches for a meaningless photo shooting.

This workshop will help the creator to show the way he understands, feels and
sees the world around him to the international arena, which is always open for
meaningful points of view with personal emotion and substance.

The first cycle will be covered with experiments and small thematics in order
to achieve familiarization with the means of each participating
artist/photographer (DSLR, SLR, MOBILE et.c) so that comfort is provided while
taking pictures. Next, we will continue with research and how to develop a
theme based on moral and ethical standards both in taking a picture and in
managing the information (publish, post, exposure, etc.).

At the end of the workshop, participants will have in their portfolio a theme
-project that they have chosen which will be complete in a professional,
aesthetical and thematical way, so that they will be able to stand in the
competitive international market which is “looking” for new insights and new

The Workshop is aimed at professionals who wish to reach the international
standards but also at amateurs who have as a common denominator the expression
and love for photography and want to improve their photographic eye.



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