Buffer zone

After the Turkish invasion in 1974, the dividing line between the two communities in Nicosia the sector 2 called: “Green Line” and is about 1.5 km,

in many places it is a narrow road, a small alley, where the houses are the witness of the disaster and the forced abandonment,

right and left hidden and obvious purpose as armor soldiers watching every step you but not what’s bothering you, annoy the damaged uninhabited houses and shops, the labels that once was touted to intense commercial traffic as they say.

The patrol of UNFICYP beyond “maintain order” is made for the maintenance of buildings and oversee

that nothing be modified, all the buffer zone is divided into three sectors.

Sector4 shall have jurisdiction from the village Athienou “which is inside the buffer zone” until Famagusta Bay, Responsibility have the Peace Corps from Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia, the camp of the Hungarian Peace Corps is in Athienou, Serbian’s at village Pyla and Slovakian at Famagusta’s buffer zone.

and Sector1 shall have jurisdiction from Nicosia (sector 2) until Morfou Bay

Responsibility have the Peace Corps from Argentina, the camp is in the old mining facilities and called ‘Saint Martins camp'”


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