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I changed the title of my blog from “My Cyprus view” to “Hatzistavrou” because the title was so specific and at many times it was like a wall that narrowed my thematic view. On the other hand having an official web site: “hatzistavrou.com”, representing my work as portfolio was so static without any opportunity for communication.
A gallery always is a gallery, so for me it was a one way street to marry my professional website -to show my work- and my blog -to express my thoughts. This way I have the opportunity for effective communication.

All my life I was a traveller, not because I am a beatnik, but mostly because of my curiosity which became an occupation and a way of expression. When I was a teenager I was very insecure, the guy who’s staying in shadows and participates in life from distance, I preferred watching than involving, always curious and always in and out.

For my stories I visited many countries, I met many people and many situations. I was always on the road like a traveller with no destination. In every step I took I learned how small I am and how my future plans are a reason or an excuse for God to start laughing.

Now I live in Cyprus and almost every day I walk in this strange country, full of contrasts, sometimes my mood is good, other times (I hope not most) is bad,
like the weather here, like the situation, like the borders I see in every step I take, in the eyes of the people around me, on the walls, in the view around, it is like a mirror.
The city (Nicosia) I’m living in is separated, two different countries, two different flags, two different armies and between them a few hundred meters or more of no man’s land, only the wind and memories (most of them forbidden).

I was born in Athens, Greece, my father was Cypriot, I am half Cypriot half Greek,

I came to Cyprus a couple years ago to explore my past, my roots.

I am thinking, living and walking as photographer, this is my occupation and this is the only thing I gave my best to do, all my life.

(I apologise for my English.
In the beggining one or two friends tried to help me translating the texts but the result was so foreign to me, wasn’t mine and the words were so wooden, so cold, so I decided to continue writing in my own way with simple sentences-images.)
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