I am absolute, because I speak on behalf of my daughter

My favorite place for relaxation that combines for me the relaxed cafe and for my daughter playground, was,

Cyprus, Prodromos park

and unfortunately I say was, Park Prodromou was,

_SEP7297 _SEP7277

because the Nicosia Municipality 4 months ago decided to remove the swings and slides

from this little paradise, this small oasis in the city for many parents, couples, students etc

_SEP7462 _JUL0578

The time we went to ride, the children’s games has disappeared, Mr. Nikos who is the soul of this park, helpless tries to explain and he hoped that it will quickly be replaced

IMG_20140515_153524 _SEP7392

I say soul, Nikos because before installed in the park with modest refreshment stand all of the surrounding space was inside the trash, a perfect place for “illegal couples” and drug addicts

Cyprus, Prodromos park

I do not know who is the mastermind but he must have some grand plan in his mind,

IMG_20140515_153121 IMG_20140515_153142

because you do not destroy a playground, a little paradise for children and adults,

Cyprus, Prodromos park

Cyprus, Prodromos park

if you don’t have something ambitious to do???

IMG_20140515_153205 IMG_20140515_153302

Otherwise if you do it without a plan and schedule,  then you have no mind or you are unable to work for the social good.

IMG_20140515_153656  IMG_20140515_153427

I am absolute, because I speak on behalf of my daughter

Cyprus, Prodromos park

and for mr.Nikos, the man who still believes in dreams and he try for them


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