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Fengaros festival in Kato Drys in the Larnaca district, for another three-day run, filled with music, on the 31st of July until the 2nd of August. Celebrating its fifth birthday, Fengaros is today considered as one of the best and most highly-anticipated events of the summer. The bar has been set even higher this year, with the ultimate goal being the festival’s establishment as an important and major international event.

 Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival  Feggaros music festival   Feggaros music festival
Feggaros music festival  Feggaros music festival  Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival

Bands and solo artists from Cyprus, Greece, England, France and the USA created an amalgam of music ranging from traditional to progressive, ethnic, blues, pop/rock, psychedelic, ambient, jazz and more.

 Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival

Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival  Feggaros music festival

This musical melting pot includes an attractive collection of names such as: the renowned world music act Banda Magda (USA), the Epirus stoner-rockers Villagers of Ioannina City (Greece), the beloved to the cypriot audience Flying Ibex (UK), the Cretan music virtuoso quartet Xylouris/Spyridakis/Persides/Katsikiotis (Greece), the uplifting The Burger Project (Greece), the freak-folk Le Juki (UK), the upcoming psychedelic-pop band The Cave Children (Greece), acts for children such as Dimitris Baslam’s (Greece), Alexia C.’s solo act (France), and Martha Mavroidi’s ethnic trio (Greece). From the local music scene, we’ll see names such as the veterans of cypriot rock To Marazi tis Fotoulas, the folk/progressive J. Kriste, Master of Disguise, and Tricoolore.

 Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival   Feggaros music festival   Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival
Three stages: the Main Stage, the Village Stage and the ABR Stage (in collaboration with Alternative Brains Rule), hinting at the festival’s pulse and vibe during its three-day take-over.

Feggaros music festival   Feggaros music festival    Feggaros music festival  Feggaros music festival Feggaros music festival                            Feggaros music festival 

The festival’s organic athmosphere is further emphasized by the village’s graphic scenery, as the aesthetic of the surroundings will become once again a source of inspiration for both the artists and the participants

and after all, she finally slept :)                   Feggaros music festival 

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A unique place for treasure hunters

Inside the Nicosia there is a space, like a diamond, I had the most beautiful surprise

_DEC6150 _DEC6091

the first time I visited I could not believe my eyes and did not expect that we will see something like that, accustomed to such places in Greece and almost everywhere in Europe

_DEC6092 _DEC6114

I refer to the Flea market there you will find that you want


as long as you have the desire to look for

_DEC6120 _DEC6108

The people there are friendly, smiling and open mood

_DEC6131 _DEC6154

Small stands with different things


and every weekend is open for memories and treasure hunters

_DEC6098 _DEC6102

Flea market celebrates closing two years of operation,

_DEC6085 _DEC6147

the friendly owner made a small party for friends with barbecue and free beer for all

_DEC6087 _DEC6107

_DEC6161 _DEC6183


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Lucky moments


In one of the most famous streets internationally, for the check point to occupied Cyprus,
for the battles that took place there a few years ago and now on its market value,
yesterday night a young group gave meaning and sound to passers
Two bouzoukis, a guitar, great voices, vivid youth, dancing, a little beer, a little crazy and it was great, they broke the monotony and routine of somewhat fashion street

_JUL0245 _JUL0269 _JUL0275 _JUL0319
_JUL0312 _JUL0343 _JUL0377 _JUL0389 _JUL0407 The show must go on…

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