One evening..

One evening before two weeks, I found myself walking in Pallouriotissa neighborhood,

_FEB2099 _FEB2081_FEB2128 _FEB2095

I had a strange mood and a great need just to walk and make photos without a concept, just photos to clear my mind which has stuck

_FEB2085 _FEB2108

_FEB2118 _FEB2086

Always I loved this kind of neighborhoods the people are curious and knows the meaning of hospitality,

_FEB2134 _FEB2216

_FEB2130 _FEB2137

I found two teenagers playing there, in an abandoned square.

_FEB2146 _FEB2180

I was very suprised when I realized their game

_FEB2203 _FEB2167

One of them (Dani Amourri) filming his partner with an handmade tool for his mobile.

_FEB2150 _FEB2208

I asked from my new friend to send me what he got from his shootings with his mobile phone

so after when I had time I made this Video

The video I was made for them, for their inspiration,

(sorry if the result is not professionally under the international standards :-)

Maybe this will be a good inspiration for you, because for me it was

_FEB2103 _FEB2225 _FEB2262 _FEB2239

Till I arrived to my home, I continued the “shootings”

_FEB2250 _FEB2251

_FEB2264 The night came and unfortunately I didn’t have more time

I had to stop

Next time I’ll stay longer, a new chapter opened for me

A very good chapter

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Carnival Aglantzias

Carnival Aglantzias 2015

According to the Municipality: “5000 carnival, 17 floats, 25,000 spectators and a lot of fun, composed the scene that was played at noon Sunday in Kyrenia Avenue in Aglantzia, for the 5th consecutive year”

_FEB1185 _FEB1146 _FEB0026 _FEB0043

If the criterion of success for an event are laughing and playing, then the success is undeniable

_FEB0136 _FEB0926

_FEB0112 _FEB0937

_FEB0885 _FEB0600

In recent years the foolproof metrisis scoop for me is the children and especially, my daughter

and has proved to me, without having to have special skills (analysis, measurements, surveys etc.)

that children are the toughest critics, without having any social Behaviour criteria

_FEB0731 _FEB0739

_FEB0852 _FEB0903

So I asked my daughter: “Have fun;;;”

I got no answer was dipped in confetti, soiled hands

and a laugh (Gosh this laughter)

_FEB0473 _FEB0286

At night the house was quiet, calm, would you say empty, my little sleeping, motionless (no entreaties and no constraint) and occasionally “snoring”.

_FEB0699 _FEB0719

_FEB0658 _FEB0398

This morning, within the spirit and joy, telling me without pausing her yesterday’s adventures …….

_FEB0416 _FEB0199

Yes, my baby had a good time …

_FEB0388 _FEB0370

The carnival succeeded :)

_FEB1013 _FEB0991

Well done, bravo, congratulations to all those who are tired and not unjustly,

_FEB0976 _FEB1128

next year (to us by God well) I will “get dressed”, I gonna let myself and I will playing

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Family project

Before a few days I decided to edit and (as soon is possible because of the thousand of pictures I have) to show in public the project I’ ve started years before when I realized that I will be father.

For myself was and be, a “Life term project” and maybe because all are centered from her smile and her innocent love

Four and half years with almost daily shootings (like someone who found the true meaning of life)

I started changing my theory of life


.I started adding the pink color everywhere even if till now I don’t understand why is so unique for girls

.I started seeing her mother and my wife with different eyes full of love, respect, patience and passion (even if sometimes I want to “scream”: FREEDOM and run again far far away to any war field exist in this poor planet

.I am waiting the unique moments were all together (mainly the nights) we gathered and see stupid TV episodes

…. and many more small details, part of my life.

I have the knowledge that, these moments, one day will be only in my memory,

you can’t keep the time, the circle of life.

Even now the time is past and as I read years before in Matala, Crete were Hippies in 70th gathered in the caves there: Today is life tomorrow never comes

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I am absolute, because I speak on behalf of my daughter

My favorite place for relaxation that combines for me the relaxed cafe and for my daughter playground, was,

Cyprus, Prodromos park

and unfortunately I say was, Park Prodromou was,

_SEP7297 _SEP7277

because the Nicosia Municipality 4 months ago decided to remove the swings and slides

from this little paradise, this small oasis in the city for many parents, couples, students etc

_SEP7462 _JUL0578

The time we went to ride, the children’s games has disappeared, Mr. Nikos who is the soul of this park, helpless tries to explain and he hoped that it will quickly be replaced

IMG_20140515_153524 _SEP7392

I say soul, Nikos because before installed in the park with modest refreshment stand all of the surrounding space was inside the trash, a perfect place for “illegal couples” and drug addicts

Cyprus, Prodromos park

I do not know who is the mastermind but he must have some grand plan in his mind,

IMG_20140515_153121 IMG_20140515_153142

because you do not destroy a playground, a little paradise for children and adults,

Cyprus, Prodromos park

Cyprus, Prodromos park

if you don’t have something ambitious to do???

IMG_20140515_153205 IMG_20140515_153302

Otherwise if you do it without a plan and schedule,  then you have no mind or you are unable to work for the social good.

IMG_20140515_153656  IMG_20140515_153427

I am absolute, because I speak on behalf of my daughter

Cyprus, Prodromos park

and for mr.Nikos, the man who still believes in dreams and he try for them


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