One of the Chasiako ‘s babies

I am sad, today  is a “rainy” day for me I learned the death of a man who just met a few years before

but it was in my heart like a member of my little family.

He was the doctor who brought my daughter to light,


was the man who refused to take my money because at that time I was poor economic

was the obstetrician who gave birth says half Greece (60,000 babies),

Had the morals of humanity and kindness not characterize

unfortunately the majority of today’s doctors.

I remember his smile in my fears,

I remember the hours of waiting his unique jokes in a hospital

that was literally his second home


My daughter, is fortunate to be one of the Dimitris Chasiako’s babies

Every year on her birthday, we had and have a seat for you at the table of memory and joy.


My Doctor bon voyage, now you can relax, You won your place in Paradise

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