God rest their souls, they know …..

CYPRUS, Nicosia 15 of July 2014,

In the cemetery of Ayios Constantinos and Elenis but in separate sections are buried citizens,

soldiers and police officers were killed during the 1974 coup aimed at union (Enosis) with Greece, the morning of 15th of July 1974  were battles, against Cypriot Greek Orthodox Archbishop and president Makarios at the Presidential Palace.

God rest their souls,  they know .....    Coup anniversary

Today Greek Cypriot officials “Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, Cypriot Greek Orthodox Archbishop Chrysostomos II,

Coup anniversary

members from political parties and families of soldiers and police officers killed during the 1974 coup, attends at the ceremony

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

Another black anniversary, a holiday memory, forgetfulness and political agenda

Coup anniversary  sirens sound in the city, a rehearsal and a backdrop of very bad director

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

The focus for an hour, the graves, two words, wreaths, relatives, politicians.

40 years passed much to remember and so little for the pain

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

I do not know what happened and probably Ι will not ever know

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

Officially????                              History always is written by the victors

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

behind the scene so many rumors, more mutterings and murmurings, the people say, say a lot,

I really do not know,

Coup anniversary   Coup anniversary

once the story will be rewritten, there are gaps, I wish to look more like the truth that the dead be vindicated, need for them,

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

we do not need it … we prove it daily, do not read the story, not taught, so make the same mistakes

exactly the same, bet as self harm

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

Two separate rooms in the same cemetery, Two different ceremonies, two memorial services away from each other,

Coup anniversary

twice the national anthem, for perpetrators and for victims,

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

ones …                        and those …..             did…..                      they know,

Coup anniversary   Coup anniversary

God rest their souls..

Coup anniversary  Coup anniversary

they know …..

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